Happy weekend!

I always look forward to the weekend with my famliy and lately, it seems more so when we have less to do!  I guess the holidays really wore me out!  What I love doing is eating pizza on the weekends but I love it more when it is healthy.  My favorite way to make it is to make my own dough with no salt and a VERY small pinch of sugar and to make my own sauce from fresh tomatoes and add dried basil.  But, my kids don’t like this sauce or don’t now.  The first time they ate it and loved it but afer that, it was straight refusal.  My daughter can be persuaded to try it but not my son.  So I use the most healthy bottled sauce I can and always use skim mozzarella.  I add more spices for my husband and older son but plain for the kids.  So I am thinking of making some of my homemade pizza this weekend and my daughter loves when I make them heart-shaped!

Bread success!!

They love it! I am so excited but I would like to cut out egg yolks next time to be more healthy…any suggestions? I am lovin’ it myself. It took about 50 minutes to cook but was super easy. This could be a great school snack or breakfast substitute…I even try to leave butter out of breakfast but my kids ask for it once in awhile and then I use a substitute. They have really adjusted well to healthier eating. I think they are now used to it and don’t ask for the unhealthy snacks and they know fruits and veggies are always an unlimited option (without dips).





“Make healthy choices!”

This is my go-to statement lately – when my kids want a snack or are going to someone else’s house.  My family has completely revamped our eating habits in the quest for healthier, better-feeling bodies.  We have swapped out rice and potatoes for quinoa and lentils.  We rarely have carbs with our meals – usually a recipe of chicken or turkey with vegetables and fruits.  And the main rule is “You can have as many fruits and vegetables as you want!”.  And this is working!  My kids are choosing healthier foods and seem to love it…most of the time.  There are some times when they want more crackers or to have cookies but I remind them of the healthy options we have and that they can select one of those.  And they usually do…but there are some times when they yell, scream, temper-tantrum, or refuse to eat what is there and then I will put a couple of healthy snacks on the table.  They occasionally eat them and other times, walk away and wait until the next meal.  But my daughter seems proud of herself and I am proud of them!  I am nervous about keeping this going – keeping the momentum there to avoid slipping back into old habits.  Hopefully, with 5 of us to keep each other in check, we can do this!


The way each day flows seems to often differ from the one before it.  Maybe I am trying to find the best way to make life work – the constant juggling act of getting my son, Taran, his milk cup on demand, giving my husband my opinion (of course only when solicited!), throwing laundry in the wash balanced with not only my combination of work  hours and what I really want from my career.  Loving my job is truly a bonus – being a therapist – my college dreams have come to reality but looking at the big picture of what I want from my life and am I doing it the best way is what gets me.